Dreier Fellows



The Dreier Fellows program offers interdisciplinary research and publication opportunities for faculty and students. A key part of DRt’s experiential learning, the fellows program allows students, mentored by faculty, to engage in bipartisan research and advocacy at the highest levels of the policymaking process in the U.S. The latest Roundtable Policy Report, a combined student-faculty effort, served as the basis for the DRt’s Washington, D.C. launch on immigration reform, which included top advisors from the White House, the Speaker’s Office, scholars from the Brookings Institution, and other experts.

The Dreier Fellowship is named in honor of former House Rules Committee Chairman David Dreier ’75, Trustee and distinguished alumnus of the college.  During his career in Congress, Mr. Dreier became well known for his commitment to engaged, civil debate that bridges partisan and ideological divides and seeks creative policy solutions.



Mohamad_BMohamad Batal is a sophomore at Claremont McKenna College from Beirut, Lebanon, although he spent much of his life in Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia. While he plans to apply for the Philosophy, Politics, & Economics (PPE) major, he is currently dual majoring in Government and Philosophy. This past summer, Mo spent time researching the challenges female entrepreneurs face in the Middle East, compiling interview data for an academic report which he will soon help draft. In addition to his work as a Dreier Fellow, Mo works as a research assistant at the Henry Salvatori Center, sings in the Claremont Concert Choir, and is the president and co-founder of CMC’s Middle Eastern Culture Club. Currently, Mo is working with both faculty and fellow students to create a physical space on campus for fostering empathy, especially when faced with divisive issues that might otherwise polarize members of the community.




Jess Davis is a senior at Claremont McKenna College from Santa Barbara, CA. She is double majoring in Philosophy, Politics, & Economics (PPE) and Government. In addition to her work with the Dreier Roundtable, on campus Jess works as a Writing Consultant at the Center for Writing and Public Discourse and serves as an advisor for SOURCE Nonprofit Consulting. She is fascinated by American constitutional law and comparative constitutionalism and plans to pursue a career as a professor in these fields. Last summer, Jess served as a Judicial Intern at the United States Supreme Court in the Office of the Counselor to the Chief Justice, and she has also worked at the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy through the CMC in Washington Program. Jess is passionate about dance education and directs a nonprofit called Everybody Dance Now!, which provides free dance programming to low-income students in eight cities at locations such as juvenile halls, Title 1 schools, and homeless shelters.



Jessica Jin is a senior at Claremont McKenna College from Redmond, Washington majoring in Government and Art. In addition to her Dreier Roundtable duties, she serves as New Hire Manager for the Rose Institute of State and Local Government, as an Opinion Editor for The Forum, CMC’s student-run publication, and as a Senior Interviewer for CMC’s Admissions Office. Over previous summers, Jessica has interned at a digital strategy firm in Seattle, a political consultancy in San Francisco, and a nonprofit research organization in New York. Currently, Jessica is working on an independent study that examines affirmative action in the United States alongside an art thesis project that explores the issue of race in a series of small paintings and drawings.