A diverse set of groups across the political spectrum recently sent this letter to the bipartisan leadership of the House:

Dear Speaker Pelosi, Republican Leader McCarthy, Majority Leader Hoyer, and Republican Whip Scalise:


Thank you for your leadership in these difficult and uncertain times. While we understand you remain focused on responding to the COVID-19 crisis, we wanted to take a moment to express our appreciation for your work over the last year to modernize Congress – especially through your support for the House Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress and the House’s recent passage of H. Res. 756, the Moving Our Democracy and Congressional Operations Towards Modernization (MODCOM) Resolution.


Last month’s near unanimous passage of the MODCOM Resolution, which contained nearly 30 of the Select Committee’s recommendations to modernize and improve Congress, will help bring the House into the 21st century and – most importantly – make Congress work better for the American people. Passage of this resolution will increase transparency, strengthen and diversify the congressional workforce, realize key efficiencies, and improve critical technology, among other needed updates.


In this particularly challenging moment in our nation’s history, we thank you for your leadership in bringing Congress together to deliver tangible results for the people you serve. We also recognize the dedication and vision of the members who shepherded the MODCOM Resolution through the process – Select Committee Chair Derek Kilmer and Vice Chair Tom Graves, and House Administration Chairperson Zoe Lofgren and Ranking Member Rodney Davis – as well as the leadership of the House Rules and Appropriations Committees, who continue to champion this and other efforts to modernize Congress.


We look forward to the implementation of the MODCOM Resolution, as well as additional recommendations from the Select Committee to promote a more modern, functional, and accountable legislature. We believe this progress is evidence of a desire within Congress and the electorate for a revitalized first branch of government – one that truly allows the voices of the American people to be heard. We applaud the House for taking this important first step, and thank you for your commitment to the institution.


American Library Association
Bipartisan Policy Center Action
College to Congress
Congressional Institute
Congressional Management Foundation
Demand Progress
Democracy Fund Voice
Lee Drutman, Senior Fellow, New America*
Issue One
The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies
Lincoln Network
NALEO Educational Fund
Partnership for Public Service
Pay Our Interns Action
Rebuild Congress Initiative
R Street Institute