From WBAL in Baltimore:

We are in the throes of the election season. The signs are everywhere, literally, on our lawns, in our mailboxes and on our televisions — messages from candidates vying for our vote.All are the hallmarks of a normal election cycle.It’s also normal for us to have healthy disagreements and debates about the candidates and the issues.However, what should never be normal are the intense bitterness and vicious rhetoric that have become more and more common. It seems that a difference in political opinion is now an invitation for a confrontation, and we’ve seen this play out around our country — some even turning violent.Regardless of your politics, elected leaders personally insulting a Supreme Court nominee, or a group of people plotting to kidnap and harm a sitting governor, should never happen.America is better than that, and here’s the evidence: These two men from Georgia support two different candidates for president. They have been friends for 30 years and took to social media to remind us that despite our differences, we can still be civil.Being civil does not mean we have to agree. It simply means being courteous to our neighbors and listening to each other.Civility doesn’t divide us, it brings us closer together. Isn’t that what we should strive for?