Richard Kaufman at the Greenwich Sentinel:

Ahead of the election on Nov. 3, U.S. Representative and Greenwich resident Jim Himes, along with Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo, have released a joint statement to remind residents that regardless of political party, everyone is on the same team. You can find the full statement below:


“As the Democratic Congressman from the Fourth Congressional District, and the Republican First Selectman from Greenwich, we sometimes have our disagreements. However, we stand together in our hope for civility, respect, and kindness. As we did together years ago as chairmen of the two local political parties, we urge all residents to respect the right of others to express their opinion, refrain from personal attacks, and look for those things that we have in common, not just for those in which we disagree. We encourage debate, but urge that it be done with the respect and civility.


“We are and will be friends and neighbors before, during and after the election. Where there is antipathy, bad behavior and strife elsewhere, let us be an example to the rest of the Nation when it comes to how we conduct our elections.”