Nancy Norr at The Minnesota Post:

Respect Minnesota is centered on a pledge to honor freedom of speech, differences of opinion, personal safety, cultural heritage, our natural environment, community and history. The pledge calls on us to listen, be inclusive, respect different ideas, cultures and personal history. It is a commitment that holds everyone to the same standard for their words and actions and encourages respectful choices. Already nearly 3,700 people who live and work in Minnesota have taken the pledge. We need to start communicating in ways that strengthen us, not separate us. Our coalition represents businesses, labor organizations and communities across the state, including the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, the Minnesota Building and Construction Trades Council, more than 55,000 union workers, 2,300 companies and 500,000 employees. Our members have also committed to Respect Minnesota and committed to unify instead of continuing to divide our communities. Let’s do our best to find ways to work together, respect one another and move forward. Learn more and consider taking the pledge at