William Gray at LegBranch.org:

The U.S. Congress depends on informal rules — norms — to function.  Many traditional norms such as courtesy and reciprocity are under siege in this age of partisan conflict.  What are the congressional norms of today?  How are they changing?  Can the Congress function if traditional norms go by the wayside?

Join Washington and Lee University for “Congressional Norms in an Era of Conflict,” a panel discussion featuring leading congressional scholars and former Representative Rob Woodall (R-GA), via Zoom on Thursday, April 8, at 12 noon.  Following brief remarks by each panelist, open discussion and questions from the audience will be encouraged.  The event is on-the-record and open to the public.  Link to zoom: https://wlu.zoom.us/j/96702716087.

The panel features:

Julia Azari. Marquette University. Regular contributor to the political science blog, The Mischiefs of Faction.

Matt Green. Catholic University. Author of the forthcoming, Newt Gingrich:  A Study of Party Entrepreneurship (with Jeffrey Crouch).

Jennifer Lawless. University of Virginia. Author of Women on the Run: Gender, Media, ,and Political Campaigns in a Polarized Era(2016, with Danny Hayes).

Don Wolfensberger. The Wilson Center.  Author of Changing Cultures in Congress: From Fair Play to Power Plays (2018).

The Honorable Rob Woodall (Ret. GA-7).  Congressman Woodall served on the House Committee on Rules, the House Budget Committee, and the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

Brian Alexander.  Moderator. Washington and Lee University. Author of A Social Theory of Congress: Legislative Norms in the Twenty-First Century (2021).

The panel will discuss congressional norms and informal rules including courtesy, gender relations, the role of party leadership,  inter-branch relations, and partisan politics.  Norms of cooperation are surprisingly alive and well in the modern Congress.  But norms of conflict are on the rise.  What does this mean for the future of the institution?

Please join us via ZOOM meeting Noon to 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 8, at the following link: https://wlu.zoom.us/j/96702716087.