Gary Abernathy at The Washington Post:

While everyone acknowledges our division and the social and cultural isolation at its core, doing something about it takes effort. Be of good cheer. There are those dedicated to doing just that, including organizations such as Business for AmericaCrossing Party Linesthe National Institute for Civil DiscourseFixUSListen First Project and Unify America, to name a few. They and others are joining forces for an innovative project the weekend of June 12-13 called America Talks, which should be interesting. Kicking off a National Week of Conversation, the goal of America Talks is to engage at least 10,000 “conversation participants” through the magic of video conferencing in one-on-one, face-to-face dialogues based on political differences. “Each conversation will provide a repairing stitch to America’s frayed social fabric, as participants shift perspective from ‘us and them’ to ‘you and me,’ ” according to the program description. Signups are happening now.