Internship Awards

The Dreier Roundtable is proud to be able to offer a number of grants to encourage and support outstanding students interested in working and studying in government and public affairs. These programs are designed to honor Chairman Dreier’s commitment to public service by supporting the next generation of leaders interested in public service.

Roundtable Scholar Award offers grants of $3,000 to exceptional incoming freshman, who show promise for leadership in public service and governmental affairs, to pursue an internship after their Freshman year. The Dreier Roundtable staff and affiliated faculty will assist Scholars in securing these internships, which may be in government, at think tanks, or nonprofits with a public policy focus. The Roundtable Scholars program is designed to help students gain academic knowledge, professional skills, and substantive work experience in public policy. This experience will give students an invaluable head start in beginning a career in public service and government, and help to build a cohort of engaged, policy-focused students at CMC.

The Roundtable Washington Scholar award expands access to students who might otherwise not be able to spend a semester working and studying CMC’s Washington Program by defraying the cost of living expenses. The Washington Program allows students to take courses from CMC faculty in Washington, DC, while interning full-time in a breadth of areas, such as legislating and policymaking, journalism and communications, international relations and foreign policy, and civil rights and legal affairs. Students gain valuable internship experience and make the connections needed to become leaders in their chosen field. This award is provided through the generous support of the Wells Fargo Foundation.

In partnership with the Salvatori Center, the Salvatori – Dreier Summer Internship awards helps fund work in state and local government, in non-profit public policy research institutes focused on U.S. politics or policy, or public policy internships in Washington, DC, for at least two months during the summer. These awards enable students to engage in research and experiential learning.