DRt co-hosts CMC’s first Washington D.C. Networking Trip

March 13-17, 2016

The Dreier Roundtable and CMC Career Services organized CMC’s first DC Networking trip during Spring Break 2016. Sixteen students were given the opportunity to visit with a wide variety of policy leaders, researchers, consultants, and academics (and of whom are CMC alumni) to understand what career opportunities exist in Washington, DC. Visits included the White House, Capitol Hill, K Street, and the State Department.


Trip Highlights

Monday, March 14

American Enterprise Institute


  • Clair Gaut, Human Resources Generalist
  • Michael Drueen, Campus Recruiting
  • Anna Eames ’13, Development Manager

The White House

  • Brandi Hoffine ’06, Assistant Press Secretary
  • Mike Shear ’90, White House Correspondent, NY Times

Tuesday, March 15
National Defense University

  • Steven McGann ’73, Deputy Commandant
  • Shawn McFall ’18, DC Semester Participant
  • John Van Oudenaren

Pyxera Global

  • Max Wilson ’09, Program Coordinator
  • Sarah Ferst, Program Coordinator
  • Laura Asiala, VP, Public Affairs
  • Matt Clark, Global Engagement Manager

Wednesday, March 16
House Rules Committee

  • Hugh Halpern, Staff Director

State, Commerce, Education Departments

  • Victoria Din ’11, Chief of Staff

Thursday, March 17
The Brookings Institution

  • Caroline Birasa