About the Dreier Roundtable at Claremont McKenna College

The Dreier Roundtable (DRt) at Claremont McKenna College is an innovative, multidisciplinary public policy program to attract, educate and promote future leaders in public policy. Together with CMC’s talented undergraduates and accomplished faculty, DRt’s team works to make CMC a prominent West Coast venue for discussion of public policy issues, and to make a contribution to research in public policy.

A distinguishing feature of DRt is promoting direct student engagement in public affairs through funding internship opportunities, as we believe experiential learning is a primary means of educating students for leadership in government and public service. DRt seeks to expose CMC students to a myriad of opportunities and experiences that inform their futures in public service.

DRt’s mission reflects the legacy of trustee and alumnus David Dreier’s 32-year career in public life, and CMC’s mission to foster “leadership in business, government, and the professions, and to support faculty and student scholarship that contribute to intellectual vitality and the understanding of public policy issues.” DRt is particularly focused on issues Dreier emphasized throughout his Congressional career: international trade, immigration studies, institutional development, and information flows. DRt plans to build on his work in those areas, among others.

The DRt also hosts the Annenberg – Dreier Commission, a special focus program that seeks to strengthen the free flow of goods, services, capital, information, ideas and people throughout the greater Pacific. Inspired by the Congressional work of Chairman Dreier, the ADC is an affiliated program under the Dreier Roundtable focused on addressing policy challenges within these areas by developing concise, actionable recommendations that are readily adoptable by key stakeholders.

DRt is led by Co-Directors Eric Helland and Ken Miller.