Ripon Forum interview with former Senator, Ambassador, and DNI Dan Coats:

I am a transatlanticist. Most of my former colleagues in Congress and government are as well, irrespective of any generational differences I mentioned above. No country, no matter how powerful, can go it alone in this dangerous world. To whom should we turn in times of danger and uncertainty? Our allies and friends in Asia, yes, but most of all to our rock-solid allies in Europe who continue to prove themselves even on the battlefield to share our objectives and values. And to whom should Europeans turn? The United States remains their natural partner. There is no other.

…The old “America First” once attached to pre-war isolationism has led many to misinterpret the concept now relevant to the modern world. Isolationism was rejected back then as an irresponsible dream. Since then, American foreign policy has always been centered on American national interests, but as properly defined and accurately understood.

Our core national interests — peace, prosperity, security — have always included nurturing everywhere our core values. Extending benefits of freedom, democracy, human rights, and free enterprise to others has always served our national interests.

This is the real “America First.”