Senators Rob Portman (R-OH) , Dick Durbin (D-IL)  and security expert Jason Matheny at the New York Times:

An essential part of the Senate’s constitutional function, no matter the circumstances, is for senators to cast votes on legislation. We propose allowing remote voting during emergencies on a temporary basis. In times like these, that means updating Senate tradition so senators can follow the guidance of medical experts and adhere to strict social distancing measures. We are at the point where remote voting may be critical for the Senate to be able to govern on behalf of the American people and help lead our country through this crisis.  While there are logistical challenges involved, the technology exists for the Senate to adopt a secure remote voting system. Our specific proposal would authorize the Senate’s technology leadership — the Senate sergeant-at-arms — to determine the specifics of a remote voting system.

They outline three security principles:

  • Identity authentication before the vote;
  • Verification after the vote;
  • Encryption.