From VoteSafe:

To: United States Elections Administrators

The Covid-19 pandemic challenges you, our Nation’s chief elections officers, to keep voters safe while protecting the integrity of our elections. Voters should not have to choose between their health and casting a ballot. Time is running out, however, for you to make necessary changes to avoid major problems in the November general election. That’s why we call on you to endorse our VoteSafe principles. These two principles are common sense steps to protect voters and safeguard elections:

  • All states and US territories should ensure voters have accessible, secure mail-in ballots and safe, in-person voting sites.
  • Congress should ensure that states have the resources necessary to protect their voters and elections.

You run our elections, not the federal government. You have the expertise to choose the path that will work for your communities, and we’re counting on you to get it right. Republican Secretaries of State from Georgia and Washington have already signed on, as have Democrats from Michigan and Connecticut. This is not a partisan issue and not a time to play politics. We can unite over protecting the sacred American right to vote. As the Nation’s chief elections officers, you already know that mail-in ballots are fair, secure, and not new. We will be your champion, because you are on the front lines ensuring safe and secure options for your voters. Your constituents have stepped up to keep their communities safe and stop the spread of Covid-19. Let’s return the favor and keep them safe as they exercise their fundamental right to vote.

Tom Ridge
Former Governor of Pennsylvania (R)
Co-Chair, VoteSafe.US

Jennifer Granholm
Former Governor of Michigan (D)
Co-Chair, VoteSafe.US