Maggie Miller at The Hill:

A new report prepared by staff on the Democratic-led House Administration Committee has concluded that technology exists for members of Congress to securely vote remotely during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.


The report was released Wednesday as COVID-19 cases continue to surge across the country and after dozens of members of Congress have tested positive for the virus since March.


“This staff report concludes that operable and secure technology exists that would permit the House to conduct remote voting, and that such a tool could be developed to further establish the House’s flexibility and resiliency to operate during the pandemic,” the staff members wrote in the report’s executive summary.

House Administration Committee ranking member Rodney Davis (R-Ill.) pushed back in a separate letter to the leaders of the House Rules Committee on Wednesday, emphasizing that he wanted to “make it clear that the majority did not consult me on this decision, but merely informed.”


“While I stand firmly against allowing members to vote remotely because I believe it would fundamentally change this institution and not for the better, I believe it is premature to state we have operational technology to implement a secure process,” Davis wrote.