Jan Murphy at The Patriot-Ledger:

Tired of the partisan bickering that seems to get in the way of governing? You aren’t alone. Apparently, so are two members Pennsylvania House of Representatives, one a Republican and the other a Democrat. Together, Reps. Greg Rothman, R-Cumberland County, and Stephen Kinsey, D-Philadelphia, are leading an effort that they hope brings civility and respect into the process in working through policy differences in the upcoming 2021-22 legislative session. They have formed what they are calling a bi-partisan caucus that they hope will draw at least a dozen members from each caucus.

… David Thornburgh, president and CEO of Committee of Seventy, a Philadelphia-based nonpartisan advocate for good government, applauded Rothman and Kinsey’s efforts and hopes it sets an example. “We’ve got to find ways to heal the partisan wounds and get folks remembering that it is called the commonwealth,” Thornburgh said. “These are important words to say and I hope others say the same words and hope this creates an opening for the kind of action and leadership I think a lot of folks yearn for.”

House Democratic Leader Joanna McClinton of Philadelphia said, “I hope this new partnership will help – the last thing the people want to see is the state House as dysfunctional as Washington D.C., and I truly do believe Republicans and Democrats have far more in common than differences.” “In fact there are issues right now that the public should see lawmakers working together as one to promote facts and truth – the need to take steps to protect ourselves and the people we care about from the spread of the virus so we can all make it to get a vaccine, and, standing against the misinformation being spread about our election so we can move on and get to work on good jobs, good schools, safe roads and access to health care.”