President Bush’s concession:

Well, here’s the way I see it. Here’s the way we see it and the country should see it, that the people have spoken. And we respect the majesty of the democratic system.


I just called Governor Clinton over in Little Rock and offered my congratulations. He did run a strong campaign. I wish him well in the White House. And I want the country to know that our entire administration will work closely with his team to ensure the smooth transition of power. There is important work to be done, and America must always come first. So we will get behind this new President and wish him well.


To all who voted for us, voted for me here, especially here, but all across the country, thank you for your support. We have fought the good fight, and we’ve kept the faith. And I believe I have upheld the honor of the Presidency of the United States. Now I ask that we stand behind our new President. Regardless of our differences, all Americans share the same purpose: to make this, the world’s greatest nation, more safe and more secure and to guarantee every American a shot at the American dream.