York Moore at Christianity Today:

While my belief that civility will die a swift death in this Winter of despair, I have a hope in something greater-basic human desire. There are basic human desires that I believe will allow us to re-plant the seeds of civility once it is dead and gone. Among these are the basic human desire to belong to a world of justice, not mere power. The desire to be deeply known and seen, not merely right. Most of all, we have a deep and abiding desire to be truly loved, not merely tolerated or submitted to. Because of these desires, the one thing necessary for civility to grow again, reconciliation, is inevitable. The inevitability of reconciliation does not mean there will not be more executions, cancellations, and excommunications but rather when there are no longer any ‘others’ to attend to and we’ve made such a mess of our own homes and communities, we will remember a world where words mattered.