An open letter to Speaker Pelosi and Leader McCarthy from the San Francisco-based Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC), the California Legislative
Jewish Caucus and the JCRC of Silicon Valley:

The California Jewish community is appalled by the events on January 6 in Washington, DC. The violence and extremism on display underscores serious concerns about the security of Jewish and other targeted Americans. We are therefore asking for your leadership to:

  • Pass bipartisan legislation to confront and address the rising threats of domestic terrorism and online disinformation.
  • Provide Congressional oversight to ensure all relevant law enforcement agencies fully investigate the events of January 6 and are supported in their efforts to hold relevant individuals and groups accountable for any illegal and dangerous actions.
  • Provide Congressional oversight to ensure effective and equitable law enforcement procedures when responding to civil unrest on federal property.

The Jewish American experience has taught us that our future depends on a strong democracy. When civility and trust in our system of government erode, our democratic protections are no longer guaranteed. We therefore turn to you as congressional leaders to publicly affirm your commitment to the foundational elements of our democratic republic, working together to rebuild the public’s trust.

We, the undersigned Jewish organizations and community leaders, are counting on you to help unite us and uphold our country’s democratic values by adopting the above actions. We look forward to your leadership in bringing us together around our common principles to restore civility in America