Rep. Stephen Kinsey (D-201) of Philadelphia, and Rep. Greg Rothman (R-87) of Cumberland County co-founded the new bipartisan caucus in the House of Representatives, They write at GoErie:

As a Democratic state representative from Philadelphia and a Republican state representative from Cumberland County, we developed a lasting friendship that started with a simple “hello” on the House floor. An effort that has become critical to us is restoring civility and bipartisanship in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Toward that end, we have joined forces to form a first-of-its-kind bipartisan caucus for the upcoming 2021-22 legislative session.


Democracy requires the consent of the governed. A republic requires respectful governing by representatives of the people. America is currently at the lowest point on both these necessities since the Civil War. The toxicity and intolerance in politics has grown to dangerous levels. Distrust or fear of government is the fastest way to destroy it. No one in America should fear their government or the police and an injustice to one is an injustice to all of us. Benjamin Franklin, a Philadelphian and former speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives implored: “Be civil to all and an enemy to none.”