John Neiuber at The Claremont Courier:

Over the past several years it has been difficult at times to identify what the “one” is out of many. Deep divides have been created. Polarization is the new normal. Each side must win. Compromise appears to be a forgotten word, along with the word civility. Each year in August, this newspaper publishes the annual Almanac. An almanac is typically an annual calendar containing important dates and statistical information. The Courier Almanac focuses on all things Claremont with stories of organizations and individuals who make a difference in the community, along with listings of community resources such as professional services, senior services, schools, places of worship and the arts. The Courier Almanac is a veritable what’s what of local services and organizations. Since moving to Claremont almost twenty years ago now, I have been struck by the sheer number of organizations that operate within the town for the good of the many. Everyone I have come to know is involved in at least one community based organization, and the vast majority are involved in two or three or more.