Margy Davey is of the Oshkosh Civility Project:

Since interaction with other human beings is about the most important thing we do, shouldn’t we strive for the highest quality interaction we can? Practicing civility in our daily lives can make a better life for all of us. We never touch people so lightly that we leave no trace, so we must realize that no human encounter is without consequence and be constantly aware of the need for civility.


And civility doesn’t just mean being nice to one another. It means helping those with less when we have more. It means revitalizing civil society by creating opportunities for members of our community to interact and gain respect for others. It means reducing the amount of stress in everyday life. It means using good manners. It means, simply, caring about others. Intentionally.


We must all work at sharing our own civility, and teach others the importance of sharing a better quality of human interaction to give all of us a saner, more meaningful, healthier, and happier life. The sustainability of our society literally hangs in the balance.