At The Los Angeles Times, Mark Z. Barabak profiles Utah’s Republican governor, Spencer Cox:

Cox never abandoned his conservative beliefs. He strongly opposes legal abortion and has signed pro-gun legislation.He joined other Republican governors last month in cutting off increased federal COVID relief benefits, believing they kept some from seeking work and made it harder for businesses to fill empty positions.


The difference is in tone and attitude. “We should be passionate about our principles,” Cox said. “But we shouldn’t try to win by tearing others down.


“We have this crazy idea that being a Republican or being a Democrat is some inherent trait that you’re born with,” he elaborated, or that the parties are churches that must excommunicate those who fail to strictly abide by their orthodoxies.


“By pointing out things I disagree with, I think that makes the Republican Party more attractive to people, not less attractive. I don’t think people say, ‘Oh, well, Gov. Cox disagrees with some other Republicans, so I’m going to become a Democrat.’”