From GWU:

Today’s Numbers

The number of federal cases against individuals involved in the Capitol Hill Siege stands at 537. According to our latest analysis of the cases:

  • The average age of individuals was 39-years-old.
  • Individuals came from 43 states and the District of Columbia.
  • Cases have been brought against 468 men (88%) and 69 women (12%).
  • The largest numbers came from Florida (55), Texas (52), and Pennsylvania (47).
  • The majority (>85%) were charged in part using evidence from their personal social media accounts, others’ accounts, or both
  • 55 (10%) have military experience (50 Veterans, 2 National Guard, 2 Army Reserve, 1 Active Duty)

We will continue to monitor developments and provide daily updates. Browse the cases below. View county-level data below and download a spreadsheet of county-level data here.