AT KTVH, Dennis Bragg speaks with retiring Montana lawmakers:

Even with different political perspectives, there was a feeling that civility at the State Capitol is in decline. “Right now, I think our society isn’t really in agreement about who we are as a country or how we should operate and how we should treat each other. And I think that is fueled by a number of things, including our social media, a different perception of what reality is,” noted Montana Sen. Diane Sands (D-Missoula). “And certainly, our willingness with the anonymity of things like social media to attack each other. We call each other names and abuse each other as enemies.”

“It seems like I see more division, more rancor, more kind of public discourse that I wouldn’t have seen before, right? The kind of stuff that my mom wouldn’t have put up with in the backseat of the car,” added Montana Rep. Frank Garner, a Republican from Kalispell.