A 2017 editorial in The Detroit News is more relevant than ever:

Americans are closing out one of the most divisive and bitter years in modern history. Political passions are burning brighter than the holiday lights. We’ve surrendered to hatred, our discourse is angry and accusatory, our personal relationships predicated on like-mindedness.No matter which trench we are hunkered down in, the endless fighting has made us weary and wary of each other.bChristmas would be a good time to crawl out, cross the divide and shake hands, or perhaps even give a hug. … Maybe we could set aside bickering over whether it’s Republicans who are dragging America to ruin, or Democrats who are keeping it from becoming great again.

Set aside the poison of our politics and talk to each other with compassion and civility. Speak calmly and pause to listen. Reunite with those who we’ve avoided since the fateful election of 2016. Understand that most people come to their opinions in the same way we do, through their personal experiences and background and careful consideration of the facts. They just sometimes end up in different places.