From the National Endowment for Democracy:

This September, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellows Program. Since its establishment in 2001–2002, the program has hosted more than 360 fellows from over 100 countries—among them democracy activists, human rights defenders, civil society leaders, scholars, practitioners, and journalists—at NED’s International Forum for Democratic Studies, in Washington, DC. During their time in residence, fellows have conducted research and writing; exchanged ideas and experiences with counterparts; expanded their networks; engaged with colleagues at NED and its four core institutes (National Democratic InstituteInternational Republican InstituteCenter for International Public Enterprise, and Solidarity Center); and built ties with a global network of democracy advocates working in common cause. In commemoration of the program’s twentieth anniversary, Reagan-Fascell alumni share the impact that the fellowship has made on their professional and personal lives, and how the fellowship has helped them to advance freedom and human rights in their countries. Engaging with other fellows and experts at DC-based institutions, including NED core institutes, Pakistani journalist Malik Siraj Akbar “learned that the hardships we face in my home country are not unique. Many countries are struggling with similar challenges, with activists across the world paying a high price for their commitment to democracy.”