Senator Mitt Romney last week:

Depending on the outcome of several key races, the Republican Party could soon have control of one or both houses of Congress. Robert Frost and politics don’t really mix, but his famous allegory is apt: Two roads diverge before this potential GOP majority. The one “less travelled by” would be to pass bills that would make things better for the American people. The more tempting and historically more frequented road would be to pursue pointless investigations, messaging bills, threats and government shutdowns. The road we choose could make “all the difference.”

Exit polls of voters confirmed that inflation remains a top voter concern. Midterm campaigns largely focused on assigning blame for rising prices. Now, beyond crossing our fingers that the Federal Reserve will fix the problem, Congress can actually help by increasing legal immigration, expanding the number of work visas in sectors that face worker shortages, securing the border, reducing tariffs on our allies, facilitating oil, gas, nuclear and renewable development, and reining in spending.