Paul Carrese at AEI:

  • Conservatives frequently bemoan the ideological monoculture on college campuses, but they too rarely propose constructive solutions. One notable exception has been Arizona State University‚Äôs School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership (SCETL), which is funded directly by the Arizona state legislature as a distinct academic unit.
  • Currently in its sixth year as a department, SCETL does more than offer new undergraduate courses. It serves a growing number of majors, offers an MA to service the burgeoning classical education movement, fosters a robust and diverse speaker series for the greater public, and plays a key role in renewing American civic education in Arizona and across the country.
  • Several other states have taken note and are launching similar institutes. More should consider doing so. These institutes can do far more than create a safe space for conservative ideas on campus; they can facilitate a new birth of educational freedom in America.