The American Jewish Committee: ” “Zionism is racism” …: refers to United Nations Resolution 3379 in 1975, in which the General Assembly linked Zionism and the State of Israel, to racism and racial discrimination. This was overturned in 1991 making it one of only two resolutions ever revoked by the UN.”

Daniel Patrick Moynihan, US Ambassador to the UN< November 10, 1975:

There will be time enough to contemplate the harm this act will have done the United Nations. Historians will do that for us, and it is sufficient for the moment only to note one foreboding fact: A great evil has been loosed upon the world. The abomination of anti-Semitism — as this year’s Nobel Peace Laureate Andrei Sakharov observed in Moscow just a few days ago — the abomination of anti-Semitism has been given the appearance of international sanction. The General Assembly today grants symbolic amnesty — and more — to the murderers of the six million European Jews. Evil enough in itself, but more ominous by far is the realization that now presses upon us — the realization that if there were no General Assembly, this could never have happened.

The discussion wound to its weary and inconclusive end, and we are left with nothing to guide us for even this one discussion of racism confined itself to word orders in preambular paragraphs, and did not at all touch on the meaning of the words as such. Still, one cannot but ponder the situation we have made for ourselves in the context of the Soviet statement on that not-so-distant occasion. If, as the distinguished delegate declared, “Racism is a form of Nazism”– and if, as this resolution declares, “Zionism is a form of racism” — then we have step to step taken ourselves to the point of proclaiming — the United Nations is solemnly proclaiming — that  Zionism is a form of Nazism.


What we have here is a lie — a political lie of a variety well known to the twentieth century, and scarcely exceeded in all that annal of untruth and outrage. The lie is that Zionism is a form of racism. The overwhelmingly clear truth is that is it not.

The United States of America declares that it does not acknowledge, it will not abide by, it will never acquiesce in this infamous act.