Adam Kinzinger:

The amazing story came out today where Rep. Burchett of Tennessee was elbowed in the kidney by Former Speaker McCarthy, in front of the media. I’m sure Kevin had no clue that it would be witnessed by others, and thought he could do it and file it under the “he said, he said” category if Burchett went public.


This isn’t new for Kevin. It happened to me, twice. As I discuss in my new book, Renegade, twice on the floor of the House, Kevin passed me and shoved his shoulder into me…as he kept walking. The first time I was so surprised that I thought it was a joke at first, until I remembered that it had been almost a year since we had spoken, and our relationship was, how shall I say, strained.


A similar event happened a few months later, again, walking past me in an aisle on the floor.

Kinzinger adds more on video.