A release from Johns Hopkins University:

Many conservative voters have lost trust in elections, but a team from Johns Hopkins University’s SNF Agora Institute and the R Street Institute is working to restore it. The group today released a set of conservative principles for building trust in elections, the result of collaborative work with elected officials, election administrators, experts, advocates, and scholars in coordination with a national convening in Washington, D.C. Yhe agenda provides tangible steps for conservative leaders to increase trust in U.S. elections among Republicans. It arrives as new polling from Gallup and the Johns Hopkins SNF Agora Institute shows that only 40% of Republicans are very or somewhat confident in the accuracy of U.S. elections, a drop from a peak of close to 90% confidence in 2006.

The core principles are:

  1. Publicly affirming the security and integrity of elections across the U.S. and avoiding fueling doubt about elections in other jurisdictions.
  2. Using transparency and public outreach to reassure voters of election integrity.
  3. Championing policy changes that can help build trust in the elections system.

Read the full statement of principles in this PDF.