From Newsweek:

Vigorous debate is a bedrock of democracy, and in this era of fierce polarization we at Newsweek believe the public is best served by a civil national discourse that reflects diverse perspectives. With that mission in mind, Newsweek is partnering with the Stubblefield Institute to celebrate the people and organizations who work to foster good-faith debate and bridge political and cultural divides.


The Newsweek-Stubblefield Institute Civility Awards will recognize eight individuals or institutions from a wide range of categories, from national leaders and non-profits to philanthropists and student organizations making a positive change in their communities. The winners will be selected by a bipartisan panel of judges from nominations submitted by Newsweek readers. To participate, fill out the form below or look for it on Newsweek’s other digital platforms. The nomination period ends March 31; the winners will be announced later this year.


As the 2024 campaign intensifies, promoting civil discourse is more important than ever. The Newsweek-Stubblefield Civility Awards reflect our commitment to this work. Please join us in this important mission by nominating those who support the ideal of thoughtful debate and the search for common ground.