Bijay Laxmi at BNN:

In a time when the fabric of American society seems ever more frayed by political divisiveness, two governors from opposite sides of the aisle have embarked on a mission to sew it back together. Maryland’s Democratic Governor Wes Moore and Utah’s Republican Governor Spencer Cox stood side by side in Washington, D.C., not as rivals, but as allies in a shared quest for civility. Their collaboration on Cox’s ‘Disagree Better’ initiative marks a beacon of hope for those yearning for a return to respectful discourse and understanding across the political spectrum.


It was under the storied arches of the National Cathedral where Moore and Cox shared their vision with a gathering that transcended political affiliations. The forum, aptly titled ‘With Malice Toward None, With Charity for All’, saw over 800 attendees in person and an additional 1,800 tuning in online, all drawn by the promise of witnessing a genuine effort to bridge the partisan divide. Cox, currently at the helm of the National Governors Association, and in the capital for its conference, chose this moment to shine a light on the creeping shadows of division that have, in recent years, clouded the nation’s collective spirit.


Their message was clear: America’s strength lies in its community, in the ability of its people to come together despite their differences. Moore, fresh from a visit to Mayor Jack Coburn in Lonaconing, Maryland, spoke passionately about the importance of friendship and showing up for one another, regardless of political stripes. This ethos, according to Moore, is not just about making grand gestures on public stages but is reflected in the small, everyday acts of kindness and understanding that knit the fabric of American society tighter