On this episode of Reaganism, Reagan Institute Director Roger Zakheim sits down with former Member of Congress, the Honorable David Dreier who now serves as the Chairman of the Fallen Journalists Memorial Foundation. They discuss former Rep. Dreier’s work in founding and leading the new Fallen Journalists Memorial Foundation which seeks to construct a permanent memorial on the National Mall to honor fallen journalists. They also look back on Rep. Dreier’s time serving in Congress, in particular, during the Reagan Administration, and what it was like working directly with President Reagan.

Table Of Contents:
0:00 Important Work
3:46 Life After Congress
8:20 A Tragic Irony
12:09 Freedom of the Press
14:43 A Daunting Task
19:24 Memorial or Monument
25:12 In Reagan’s Oval Office
29:01 EARLY Lightning Round
35:07 A Personal Relationship
40:42 An Important Speech
43:50 Lightning Round