At LAT, Jaweed Kaleem and Caroline Petrow-Cohen report on recent events in Claremont, where students at a pro-Palestine rally chanted  “Palestine will be free — from the river to the sea.”

The ongoing protests have elevated fears among some Jewish students who say the college has become an unwelcome place. “Are student activists exporting the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to a small town in California? How will that help bring about just peace in a land thousands of miles away?” said Bethany Slater, the director of the local Hillel, who said she has fielded calls and emails from distraught Jewish students. “It’s not a safe space for Jewish and definitely not Israeli students, said Ayelet Kleinerman, a senior at Pomona who is from Tel Aviv and studies neuroscience. “I am all for freedom of speech. Everyone should say what they want, but I don’t feel the college is upholding its policies and rules when it comes to students and protest.”