Phil Kiko and Christine Leonard at The Hill:

The vast divide between Democrats and Republicans seems wider than ever. On Capitol Hill, the daily rhetoric is so heated that bipartisan compromise seems elusive. While the current climate may seem insurmountable, strong leaders must look for opportunities to find common ground and to achieve real reform.  With the recent passing of former Member of Congress William (Bill) Delahunt, we were reminded of a different time — where polar opposites came together to improve a critical flaw in the criminal justice system.  Not so long ago, former Chairman Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) and Congressman Delahunt (D-Mass.) joined forces to work on the Innocence Protection Act. On paper and in person, these two lawmakers could not have been more different. But going into the 108th session of Congress, Sensenbrenner and Delahunt got the bill to the president’s desk. This unprecedented collaboration brought together committed supporters of the death penalty with its most vociferous opponents.