The 2023 Campus Expression Survey (CES) from the Heterodox Academy:

Many students are at least somewhat reluctant to discuss numerous controversial topics, with 47% of CES respondents being reluctant to discuss Israeli-Palestinian conflict, 45% being reluctant to discuss politics, 42% being reluctant to discuss trans identity; 33% being reluctant to discuss abortion in classroom contexts, and 30% being reluctant to discuss religion, in courses where such topics are relevant. For the sake of comparison, just over 15% of respondents reported reluctance to discuss a typical topic for college courses being taken; this means that the number of students who reported at least some reluctance to discuss a
topic was up to 200% higher in the case of the most controversial topics, relative to a typical course topic. Just over 79% of our survey respondents reported being at least somewhat reluctant to discuss, ask questions about, or share their ideas on at least one of the controversial topics asked about on the CES.