Jordain Carney at Politico:

The governing-minded Main Street Caucus has formed an internal working group to come up with potential changes to the Republican Conference and House rules. The group of approximately 10 members is being led by Rep. Nick LaLota (R-N.Y.). The group, LaLota told us, is looking at how to “find more order within the conference, more accountability” for those who work against the leadership agenda. It’s TBD where exactly the group will end up, he said — and we’ll note it’s moot if Republicans lose the House in November. Historically, LaLota noted, members of the majority have voted in lockstep to adopt the special rules that allow control of the legislation that comes to the floor. And, needless to say, they’ve not threatened to remove the speaker using the so-called motion to vacate. Now those norms are routinely broken, he said, “which [has] made things chaotic.” What they’re mulling: What we’ve heard from Republicans — including, but not limited to, members of Main Street — is a desire to build into conference rules specific consequences for steps such as voting against rules or trying to oust members of leadership. Several GOP members have floated removing members from their committees, while a few have gone further and discussed potentially ejecting members from the conference.