In Upstate New York, a release from Stewart’s Shops:

This pandemic has gone on longer than expected and people seem more frustrated and stressed than ever before.  A report published in the Washington Post, “Civility in America”, cited that 93 percent of Americans identified incivility as a problem; 68 percent considered it a “major” one, and 74 percent thought it was getting worse.


We would like to relieve some of that frustration with Civility Ice Cream. Bring in a friend, a family member, or even a stranger and treat them to a scoop of civility. Beginning Monday January 10th through Sunday, January 16th, when you buy a single scoop, you’ll get a free single scoop to share. (Promotion applies to Civility Ice Cream only) Civility has a rich vanilla base with a salty caramel swirl and it encourages people to be nice.


We hope everyone will be inspired to share some kindness and some Civility Ice Cream. We would love to see your kindness in action. Share your photos enjoying Civility Ice Cream and showing kindness with #ShareCivility on social media.


Together we can help to spread civility and kindness in our communities.


We Are Closer to You!

Civility sticker